Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ucpoming Events

It has been a while since the last post as my daughters wedding has consumed most of my spare time this summer - not complaining though, as it was a fabulous way to spend time.

Soon I will provide some news and updates on the research vineyard itself - my attempt to break down by varieties and their performance in the first year.  For now though, just a few notes on some upcoming events.

September 7-
In conjunction with Burton City Daze, ALGGS will be selling breakfast sandwiches at the Gazebo in Burton Historical Park campground  in Burton 8AM to 10AM.  This was a successful fundraiser last year and now that the word is out about the fabulous breakfast (put together by the very talented Vivian Berry!) we expect it to be busier.

From 10AM to 12PM we will be providing tours of the research plot for any interested folks. You can come and ask questions, wander through or just look.

Lastly we will also be working with the Burton Learning Centre and serving a concession dinner (burgers, smokies etc) as well as chicken souvlaki and greek salad.  Dinner will be serving from 4PM to 8PM at the campground as well.  Please come out and support the event and make sure you stay for the beer garden and horseshoe tourney!

September 15
ALGGS members (Linda H and Jerry B) will be presenting tasting notes and wines for the Nakusp Soiree event (6PM to 9PM) at the Nakusp Community Hall.  Wine will be selected to pair with local chocolates and cheese.  Tickets are $30 each and for more information, contact the Nakusp Fall Fair.

September 21
Work Bee!  We will be having our last big work bee before winter.  A few items such as spreading the last of the mulch, tying vines, winterizing our "nursery" vines etc.  If you can make it, we will start around 9AM, with lunch and refreshments provided.

As you can see, a busy next few weeks.  Please come out and support in any way you can.  I should also note that we have a few wines left over to sell - but only until September 21 so get them quick!