Sunday, 28 June 2015

June Work Bee

What a difference a day makes! Already experiencing mid summer temperatures, the vineyard is relishing the hot dry weather.  The foliage was getting a bit out of control, with shoots not following the trellis wires like they are supposed too.  A small group of dedicated volunteers got together on Saturday June 27 and started to prune, weed, sucker and welt under the heat.  By noon we had to call it quits, but those few hours transformed the vineyard from a mangle mass of vines and weeds into something resembling a vineyard.

Nicely weeded and pruned

Avenger spray, day 2
As mentioned in an earlier blog, we were looking at experimenting on organic herbicides.  We sprayed one row with a mix of vinegar, Epsom salts and dish soap and a second row with Avenger. For these 2 rows we did not weed, leaving the weeds in place to see if the solutions are effective on tall weeds.  If effective, we hope to quickly mulch these areas to minimizing the grow back.

Vinegar mixture, day 2

On the good news front, we have potentially two WWOOFERS from Switzerland interested in coming to work for 7-10 days, giving volunteers a much needed break.  Hoping to have them confirmed later this week to arrive mid-July.