Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Things are Ripening!

As of September 7 most of the hanging fruit is looking nice.  Our netting has arrived, but with work load and schedules it was not put up, so the birds, bees and wasps are enjoying the fruit immensely.

A quick walk through with the refractometer provided the following sugar content numbers.  Brix were measured by testing 3 to 4 grapes at various locations on the row. This year it is unlikely we will pick any fruit for wine making, but it does give some idea of what may ripen early and late.


Siegerrebbe at 17 Brix
Siegerrebbe: 17 brix

L'Acadia Blanc: 15 brix

Ortega: 14 brix

Chardonnay: 16 brix

Osceolo Muscat: 21 brix (a little less at the north end, 19 brix)

Auxerrois: No fruit

Madeliene Sylvanor: 20 brix

Madeliene Angevine: 19 brix

Epicure: 19 brix

Petit Milo: 21 brix

48-05-49: 19 brix


48-05-83: 19 brix
Wasps enjoying Leon Millot at 20 Brix

Labelle: 18 brix

Cab Libra: 18 brix

Baco Noir: 20 brix

Zweigelt: 20 brix

Leon Millot: 20 brix

Pinot Nori: 17 brix

Regent: 14 brix

Baltica - no fruit

Marquette: 23 brix