Monday, 27 June 2016

Vine Bloom and Fruit Set

June is nearly over and it has been a very wet and cool month.  This is not unusual for June, just a stark contrast to some of the early weather we have had.

Bloom on Chardonnay
The vineyard has continued to grow despite the weather and we are still a bit ahead of previous years. All varieties have completed bloom and moved into fruit set.

So what is bloom and fruit set?
The grape flower does not have conspicuous petals like other plants. Instead, the petals are fused into a green structure commonly referred to as the cap. The cap encloses the reproductive organs and other tissues within the flower. A flower consists of a single pistil (female organ) and five stamen, each tipped with an anther (male organ).  The cap separates from the base of the flower, becomes dislodged and usually falls off, exposing the pistil and anthers (bloom phase). The anthers may release their pollen either before or after cap fall. Pollen grains randomly land upon the the pistil, allowing pollination. The  subsequent growth of berries is called fruit set. 

Siegerrebbe, Chardonnay, Madelein Sylvaner and Angevine:
A bit behind other whites.  Full bloom has occurred with partial fruit set beginning.

L'Acadia Blanc, Osceolo Muscat, Auxerrois, Petit Milo, Epicure and 48-05-49: 
Full bloom has come and gone and full fruit set is in place.

Fruit set on Petit Milo

At the tail end of bloom on 48-05-83

Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Regent, 48-0-83:
A bit behind other reds.  Full bloom has occurred with partial fruit set beginning.

Labelle, Baco Noir, Leon Millot:
Full bloom has come and gone and full fruit set is in place.

Fruit set on Leon Millot

As always, comments and feedback is encouraged.  Hopefully we get some sustained sunshine and heat and get our fruit on!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June 2016 Update

As we move in to the heat off summer, the vineyard continues to impress this year.  From my last post we were roughly 3 weeks ahead of previous years and the trend has been maintained.  By May 1 100 % of all varieties had active growth.  By June 1 a few vines (Osceolo muscat, Leon Millot) are already at bloom. Fruit set is not far off.

We have also been maintaining the spray program as well as the weed control and the efforts are paying off as the vineyard looks quite established.

We had a pretty wet May and with the heat of June, things really took off.  Volunteers have been busy suckering, pruning and tucking vines into the trellis wires and doing weed control.  Keeping on top of the vines and weeds is critical this year as we really want to have the best representation of our fruit.

We will be doing a fundraising event concession in Burton during the Burton City Daze on June 18. The concession will be open for lunch between 11AM and 2PM so come on out to visit Burton, partake in some activities (Burton relay Race, Kootenay Sufferfest etc) and have some fun.

Hope to see you all there!