Monday, 26 June 2017

Bloom is slowly happening

June is nearly over and the long awaited sunshine and heat has arrived. We are still a bit behind last year, but closing the gab a bit. As you recall we had a very early spring in 2016, then it kind of went into the tank for a bit. By the end of June 2016 all the vines were into bloom and some had moved into fruit set.

For this year only a handful have started to bloom and there is nothing close to fruit set yet. As of June 25:


Siegerrebbe, Chardonnay, Madeleine Sylvaner and Angevine, Auxerrois:
None have shown and bloom yet.

L'Acadia Blanc, Osceolo Muscat,  Petite Milo, Epicure and 48-05-49: 
All of these are into bloom. The Osceolo and Petite are the furthest along.
An example of bloom


Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Regent, 48-0-83, Baco Noir,
none have shown any bloom yet. The Zweigelt has suffered quite a bit from the winter and is quite a bit behind other varieties.

Labelle, Leon Millot:
These two are into Bloom.

As always, comments and feedback is encouraged.  Hopefully we get some sustained sunshine and heat and get our fruit on!