Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Summer Heat Wave

July is at its end and the conditions in the vineyard are dryer then I ever recall. Most of the varieties at the bottom of the vineyard look quite stressed and vines throughout have started to drop the fruit. There has been a lot of irrigation this past week, so lets hope that they recover for the fruit that remains. At least from a visible perspective, the Blattner varieties seem to be handling the drought the best with minimal fruit loss or signs of stress. In addition Mad Angie and Mad Sylvaner look very healthy this year.

At this point all the fruit from Regent, Baco Noir, Zweigelt and Auxerrois have been impacted, although Zweigelt and Auxerrois did not have much this year anyway.

Leon Millot, Pinot Noir, L'Acadia Blanc,  Chardonnay, Osceola Muscat and Seigerebbe are about 10-20% impacted.

Shrivelled berries on Osceola Muscat
Asides from the drought condition, the vines look good and none show any signs of powdery mildew, black rot or other diseases. This is really good, as usually at this time we have some. I think this is a direct relation to the vine maintenance that is been ongoing this year. Kudos to all  the volunteers doing their bit to maintain the vines.

Irrigation will continue and hopefully reduce any further stress issues. check back for updates later in the summer,

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