Sunday, 19 August 2018

Summer 2018

Well it has been a bit of time since our Spring post and as we head into our final growing season, it has proved to be challenging.

We have been hit with another hot and dry summer so keeping on the watering has been key. Maybe not as bad as last year and none for the vines are under any visible stress and the fruit all looks nice and healthy, but still very dry. Lately the smoke from the BC forest fires have made the sun disappear. Aside from the poor air quality, making it difficult to be outdoors, the smoked out sun is going to delay our fruit ripening. We have all been busy pulling leaves and pruning trying to expose the fruit as much as possible to aid in the ripening process.

As of Aug 18 some of our vines are going through Veraison. The Leon Millot, LaBelle and 48-05-83 are all well into color change and are ready to net. A few of the whites are just starting to change - Siegerrebe and L'Acadia Blanc notably.
Bird netting on Leon Millot
Veraison on Leon Millot

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